Joanna Briscoe

Journalism and Broadcasting


Joanna has written for most of the national newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Standard, The Mail, The Sunday Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Express, ES Magazine, The New Statesman, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and Elle.



"Invisible" by Paul Auster


invisible paul austerJoanna Briscoe The Guardian, Saturday 14 November 2009 :

Paul Auster has created what amounts to his own, self-referential fictional world over the years, and Invisible is packed with typical Auster tropes. This is his 13th novel, and at times he seems to be both celebrating and lightly mocking his own oeuvre. There is the oddly detached male narrator roaming New York; a random dramatic incident that alters the course of a life; ruminations on the nature of writing, language and identity; multiple narrators; stories within stories; and general intertextual gadding about. And, as ever, fragments of Auster himself seem to feature – in this case, divided into two characters. (read more)



At the Sharp End:

Joanna Briscoe, The Independent.

Green is the new black, but fashions change

'Righteous citizens wielding hemp bags make me want to stand in the hall switching the light on and off'


At the risk of having one's recycling box tampered with by baying hemp wearers, how many of us secretly think that much of this green malarkey is a pile of organic horseshit? Yes yes yes, I can see it's the most pressing issue of our time on a global scale. Without urgent action, we'll all collapse into a heaving pit of floods and flames that'll swallow half of us while forming a carcinogenic sun bed for the other; there should, indeed, be any number of Kyoto protocols, and all other issues of life, starvation and mole growth hang on this. But on a smaller scale, it's hard to get too exercised when so much ecological activity seems to be either risibly insignificant, an excuse for moralising, or plain hypocritical. I find I can neither get too excited about polar bears (too far away); nor about the twiddly, fiddly little efforts we obedient households are supposed to make to ensure our planet keeps ticking along nicely. Yet, like the thoroughly conditioned member of the chattering classes I am, I do exactly as I'm supposed to. (read more)


TV and Radio

Joanna has appeared on tv and radio including:

  • BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour
  • BBC Radio 4 – Home Truths                                               
  • BBC Radio 4 - Kaleidoscope                                               
  • BBC Radio 4 - Anderson Country                                                        
  • BBC Radio 3 - Nightwaves                                               
  • Radio 5 Live - After Hours
  • BBC World Service
  • LBC, GLR, Liberty, Radio Bristol, Radio Devon, Radio Kent


Television appearances on:


  • BBC1: Kilroy
  • BBC Good Morning
  • Wire TV: Book Programme
  • Granada: Talk TV
  • ITV: The Time, The Place
  • Sky Books Show
  • Channel 5: Plastic Fantastic
  • Channel 4: Nightwatch
  • Woman’s Hour